What Can i do? Participate in the Tide Turners Plastic Challenge

The Tide Turners Plastic Challenge is a global youth movement to fight plastic pollution around the world. It is designed to inspire young individuals to reflect upon their plastic consumption, discover solutions to reduce this consumption, and lead change in their homes, communities, institutions and offices

By joining the challenge, you will be part of an entire generation of young leaders who are changing the world, one action at a time!

Why Should I participate?


You will learn about the negative impacts of plastic pollution on nature and man, and feel inspired to change your own plastic use, and encourage others around you. When we know better, we do better!


This planet is our home, and it is our responsibility to keep it safe and clean. In India, each individual consumes close to 11 kgs of plastic annually. Therefore, every individual action matters!


Plastic pollution is a man-made problem, and we all must do our part to solve it. This is your chance to be a champion in your community and lead change!

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome!

If you are youth (11-25 years of age) and keep the desire to make a difference, register for the challenge as an individual and embark upon a journey to become a Tide Turner Champion.

The challenge is open for Eco-clubs/Institutions/Groups who wish to take the challenge as a team/group. Register your Institution/Group to act against Single Use Plastic consumption.

How can I participate?

Here are the simple steps to join and complete this challenge.

1. Register

- Sign up for the challenge
- Log into your dashboard
- Read the Plastic Tide-Turners Toolkit
- Start the first level

2. Level 1

- Take the Plastic Literacy Test

3. Level 2

- Organize community-wide outreach making awareness on plastic pollution

4. Level 3

- Conduct a Clean-up drive in your nearest biodiverse area

Submit your Story

Become a Tide Turner Champion. Do not forget to collect your Champion Certificate upon completion of the challenge.

1. Register

- Sign up as a group (you can register your school/eco-club or youth club)
- Log into your dashboard
- Enter details of your group members
- Read the challenge Toolkit

2. Implement the Challenge Activities

Engage your group members to complete the challenge activities:

3. Level 1

- Conduct Plastic Literacy Test

4. Level 2

- Organize community outreach & awareness

5. Level 3

- Lead on ground action

6. Submit your Story

Measure the impact created by your group. Submit your responses by downloading the reporting templates from your dashboard. Collect your Champion certificate upon completion of the challenge.