Teacher Quality has been identified as the most important determinant of student learning outcomes in schools, in the 2019 report titled “Transforming the Education Workforce” by the Education Commission, teachers are in short supply, not trained regularly, isolated, and not supported to provide updated, relevant teaching and learning for the whole child development.


Million Sparks Foundation (MSF) is on a mission to impact the capacities of 10 Million teachers and school leaders and via them impact the life and learning outcomes of 300 Million Children by 2025. MSF has created ChalkLit, a collaborative Mobile Application Platform to enable lifelong learning and capacity building of teachers and school leaders, especially in schools serving low-income communities.


They focus to provide comprehensive capacity building inputs to teachers and school leaders via

  1. Long term skill building through deep conceptual and pedagogical trainings that are officially offered by the state on both scholastic and co-scholastic topics.
  2. Short term improvements in classroom delivery by providing reference lesson plans and annual plans for a teacher’s tactical need of delivering a great next class
  3. A personalised peer-to-peer micro-learning community and infrastructure that provides daily dose of short bite-sized content that includes teacher best practises, education news, conceptual and pedagogical inputs, interesting activities, videos, teaching learning material that teachers can consume in a few minutes and make their classroom interesting and relevant

Reach & Impact

Million Sparks Foundation is currently working in 6 states of India including Delhi, Goa, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha and has impacted 230,000+ teachers and school leaders from 80,000+ schools.

Their initial work was supported by Google.org, Central Square Foundation, PayTM and Gray Matters Capital and has been evaluated by the Delhi SCERT which has conducted an independent research study to study the efficacy of the use of ChalkLit by teachers and has found very positive results. JPAL has initiated a Randomized Control Trial to study the impact of their work for the academic year 2020-21 and the research design is undergoing finalization.